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In this blogpost, I stated that I expected my sons first two-word-sentence to be ‘mamma auto‘. This week, somewhat earlier than expected, he decided that he wanted to go with ‘nonno Talia’ (grandpa Italy). He was holding my smartphone and with these two simple words he told me he wanted to see his grandfather!

It’s very important to us that our children have a good relationship with their family, but a lot of them don’t live nearby. We try to visit eachother as much as we can and in the mean time we speak to eachother via videochat. Our children are used to this.

The good news about videochat

One could argue that having young children around screens all the time, isn’t the best thing. We offer them plenty of different types of activities all day, so I think it’s OK for them to watch a cartoon or videochat for some time.

I’m happy it allows my children to spend more time with their grandparents, even if they live far away. I’m even happier to read here that research shows children are actually able to build a relationship via videochat!

As early as six months of age, babies are able to tell when a person on a screen is interacting with them in real time as opposed to the passive screen images they see when they watch TV or a video. They even seem to learn more from videochat than from educative video’s.

Great to know. Still I think it’s time we start planning our next trip to Italy…


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