Italian bimbo

Read this in Dutch – Read this in Italian

This weekend, we went on a trip with a large group of Dutch family. We don’t see these people very often, so every once in a while we need to explain some of the Italian words our children use.

Especially in the case of one of Samuels new favourite words: ‘bimbo‘.  Happy to be around so many people, Samuel was running around, shouting ‘bimbo, bimbo’. He uses it in the original Italian meaning: ‘baby’ or ‘child’.

‘Am I being called a ‘bimbo‘?’ someone said, smiling.

In the end it’s all the same

Obviously, he referred to the meaning this word has in American slang: an attractive and unintelligent female (stereotypically with big breasts and blond hair).

In Holland most people know this meaning, but not the original meaning. ‘Bimbo’ in American slang actually derives from the word ‘bimbo‘ in Italian!

Anyway, we owed the man an explanation. Even though we can never be sure our son actually meant to say ‘child’, for now we’ll go with that!

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