Which one of you is Italian?

Read this in Dutch or Italian

Sometimes, Antonio and I strategically use our two languages. For example, when we’re shopping and see some street vendors approaching us, we switch to Italiano so they’ll leave us alone. In a sense, we pose as tourists 🙂

When we like to have some extra privacy, we also exploit this. The other day, I was trying on a cardigan in a store here in the Netherlands and I asked Antonio:

Come mi sta?” (How do I look in it?)
and he answered:
Non lo so, ti sta un po largo” (“I don’t know, it’s a bit large”).

The saleswoman overheard our conversation and said:
Le posso dare una cintura?” (“shall I give you a belt?”)

She spoke Italian! I quickly answered, a bit embarrased:
Neehoor, bedankt. Ik denk dat ik even iets anders pas.” (“Oh, no, thanks. I think I’ll try something else.”)

She was slightly confused.

Finally, I found a nice cardigan. Antonio wanted to pay for it and asked the saleswoman:
“Mag ik even pinnen?” (“Can I pay with my debitcard?”)

Now she was completely confused and exclaimed:
“Ja, eeh, wie van jullie is er nu Italiaans?” (“Ok, so which one of you two is Italian?”)

We explained and started talking. Apparently, she had lived in Italy for over ten years and loved to speak some Italian every time she could.

We left her store with a big smile on our faces.

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