Codeswitching Part 2

Earlier, I wrote about codeswitching and I gave some examples of my three-year-old daughter. In the mean time, my son turned 2 and likes to chat just as much as his sister. He also mixes Dutch and Italian, but has his own way of doing so. I noticed that he especially likes to switch the prepositions:

We gaan con opa
We’re going with grandpa

Ga maar sopra
Go up[stairs]

Plak maar sul auto
Stick it on the car

Sometimes, when he’s playing, he just connects ‘standard’ sentences:

Doe maar, va bene. Non ci entrare, dat past niet!
Go on, it’s OK. Don’t go in there, it won’t fit!

Whereas my son still mixes his languages, I see that my daughter prefers to avoid doing so. And she even wants to ‘help’ me not to do it…

The other day, I codeswitched myself when I said to my husband: “Sará dentro lo schuurtje” (“it’s probably in the shed”).

She corrected me and said: “mom, you should say ‘casetta’.”

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