Italian sprinkles

My parents in law from Italy are staying with us for a couple of weeks. Today, my daughter was telling her grandmother what she had eaten in school: Mi sono mangiata un panino col formaggio e un panino col… come si dice ‘hagelslag’? [I ate a sandwich with cheese and a sandwich with… how do […]

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Italian secrets in the train

This weekend, I used Italian as a ‘secret’ language with my daughter for the first time. We were on our way to celebrate Sinterklaas in Rotterdam, so we took train. After a while, I smelled something familiar. In order not to involve the other travellers in my conversation, I asked my son about his diaper: […]

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The letter ‘K’

In an earlier blog, I wrote about the differences between the Dutch and Italian alphabet and how we deal with them now that our 4-and-a-half year old daughter is learning how to write. About six moths ago, my daughter started to write more and more, for instance when she liked to write al the names […]

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Speaking with confidence

One of the things you need in order to be able to learn a language is confidence. Confidence to just try and make mistakes while doing so. In the end, we learn a lot from our mistakes! Another thing that helps to acquire a language, is to go to an environment where it’s the majority […]

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Playing with the alphabet

Every night, we read to our children We use all kinds of books, both in Dutch and Italian. They grow up with the concept of books, images, words and letters to tell stories. Both of them are very interested! My son (21 months) knows that some letters go with a certain sound (he knows ‘E’, […]

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The first numbers

Last weekend, we were playing hide and seek. It was my turn to count, so I went “acht (8), nine (9) …” and my 20 month old son added: “tien (10)!” I didn’t really pay much attention to it, as I thought it had been a coincidence, so we continued playing. As we walked up […]

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