Pasta nel polder

In un altro post, ho parlato di ‘code-switching’. Significa alternare tra una lingua e l’altra in una conversazione. Le persone multilingue lo fanno spesso e ci riesci solo se conosci bene entrambe le lingue. A volte può essere molto divertente! Alcuni esempi recenti della mia figlia:   “Mag ik een stukje Parmezaanse kaas? Maar niet […]

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One magic word

Yesterday, my son (1,5) said ‘sì’ for the first time. Finally! It’s probably no surprise he already said ‘no‘ and ‘nee‘ for a while. We also managed to get him to say ‘ja’ with a lot of applause. So, now we’re complete. Still, he has a huge preference for any variation of the word ‘no’. […]

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From one language to the other

“Mama, are there any ‘zanzare’ here?”, my daughter asked when we were at the beach a couple of weeks ago. “No, there are no mosquitos here”, I said. “Oh, OK, but I see there are ‘formiche’”, she said – pointing at some ants marching across the sand. Code-switching: switching between two languages during a conversation […]

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